New Age Debt Collection

ML Platform Driven Digital First Debt Collection

ML Platform Driven Debt Collection Services

Automated. Personalized. Digital first

What We Do?

CreditNirvana - Debt Collection Services Flow

Proven Impacts , Faster ROI

Using our ML driven digital first, personalized and Pro-active collection process, companies can reduce their bounce rates by 5% from month 1 itself and achieving an average 20% reduction in your bounce rates in 6-9 months time.

Leveraging CreditNirvana ML Decision Engine, we personally engaging with your customers through their preferred channel and time of convenience, we could collect 50% faster than the traditional methods with much reduced cost of collection.

ML Driven Digital First Debt Collection

End to End Digital First Collection Services

Using our Machine learning Decision Engine and Robo collection platform, we undertake end to debt collection by executing personalized Digital collection including Digital payments.

Through our Multi lingual, Ai Conversational Engine, we engage with your customers, through their preferred channel of communication, be it whatsapp, Messengers, Chat bots, Text messages, E-Emails, or Robo calls and facilitate collection process.

CreditNirvana - End to End Digital First Collection

New Age Manual Collection as a Service

Though a network of collection partners, CreditNirvanaalso fulfils the last mile collection services. By Leveraging our self -learning ML platform and end to end technology driven collection process, we thus provide end to end collection services

New Age Manual Debt Collection

New Age Collection Management Application

The platform also includes, end to end collection workflow application which includes case management, case trail management, payment settlement and reconciliation, and various real time executive and non executive level dashboards and reports.

CreditNirvana - Debt Management Application

Start Fast, Start Right

CreditNirvana facilitate seamless integration. You have to just upload your data into our highly secured platform or we can integrate with your collection database quickly through our API and we will take care of the rest of the entire collection process through our ML Robo Execution engine and Payment gateway Engine.

CreditNirvana Application Integration

Client Testimonials

“The ML Driven Automated Digital Collection Services provided by CreditNirvana has helped us in making our debt collection process more personalized and enabled faster collection mainly in the early stage delinquencies”

Head of Collection
One of the largest Mortgage Lending companies in Asia

To know more about how CreditNirvana impacted our clients , please contacts us ……..

“CreditNirvan’s Ai Collection Decision Management platform and Digital collection follow-up actions has enabled us in reducing the Bucket 1 bounce rates by about 7% from within 3 months of on boarding and also seen substantial faster collection in all other buckets”

Head of Collection Strategy
Vehicle Finance division of one of the largest global Car Manufacturers

To know more about how CreditNirvana impacted our clients , please contacts us ……..

How we are different

More. Faster. Empathetic

CreditNirvana platform driven digital first collection process has helped companies in reducing their bounce rates over 20% in 6 months period and over 50% faster collection

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Be continuously engaging with the customers though their preferred channels and personalized communication, CreditNirvana anables increased collection with better customer satisfaction

Start Early. Start Right

Either through API driven integration or just dumping your secured data in our server, on boarding process is easy , simple and enables faster collection execution

Relax. Your data is secure with us.

Secure ISO 27001 complaint data centers store data in encrypted forms so you can sit back and relax. Extensive network of surveillance systems constantly monitor any changes to infrastructure or software.

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