ML Platform Driven Digital First Debt Management.

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Robo Collection as a Service (RcaaS)

AI conversational end-to-end digital collection.

Covid-19 Strategic Shift

Covid-19 A Strategic shift in Debt Management

ML Driven Collection Decision Engine

ML/AI based Early Warning System & Dynamic Collection Decision Engine.

ML Driven Debt Management Platform

Automated. Personalized. Digital first

Unconventional Data, Innovative Algorithms

CreditNirvana uses unconventional data and innovative algorithms to generate dynamic and personalized decision output on a real-time basis. Integrating not only customer demographics, payment data, and CRM data ( text, speech, video, etc.) but also external data from micro-economic, mobile, and social sources.

With its real-time data enrichment, 300+ unique featured variables and dynamic ML Creation underpinned by multiple statistical techniques, CreditNirvana provides real-time payment behavioral analytics and NLG driven personalized collection recommendations.

Proven Impact, Faster ROI

Using our ML driven digital first, personalized and pro-active collection process, you will reduce your bounce rates by 5% from month 1 onwards while achieving an average 20% reduction in bounce rates in 6-9 months time.

Leveraging our CreditNirvana ML Decision Engine, you can personally engage with each of your customers through their preferred channel at a time of their convenience, collecting 50% faster than with traditional methods while substantially reducing collection costs.

End-to-End Digital First Collection Services

Using our ML Decision Engine and Robo Collection platform, we can also run end-to-end debt management for you, introducing a personalized digital collection process including digital payments.

Through our Multi-lingual, Ai-Conversational Engine, we can engage with your customers, through their preferred channel of communication, be it WhatsApp, Messenger, Chat Box, Text Message, E-mail, or Robo Calls and facilitate your collection process.

New Age Payment Management Engine

The platform also offers an end-to-end collection workflow application including case management, case trail management, payment settlement and reconciliation. On top of that various real-time dashboards and reports are available for both executive and non-executive level.

Start Fast, Start Right

CreditNirvana facilitates seamless integration. After uploading your data onto our high-secure platform, we will integrate quickly with your collection database via our API and take care of your entire collection process through our ML Robo Execution Engine and Payment Management Engine.

Impact Study

6 months impact study at a large vehicle financing company.

More. Faster. Empathetic

Our CreditNirvana driven digital first collection process has enabled clients to reduce their bounce rates with more than 20% in a 6 months period and to realize a 50% faster collection rate while at the same time substantially reducing operational collection costs.


Bucket 0 increase collection rates within 6 months of deployment


Bucket 3 increase in Collection within 6 months of deployment

Outcome based Pricing
No up-front Cost
Full Transparency
Complete Data Security


Your customers will love it, CreditNirvana is a sophisticated ML driven cloud-based platform for the consumer and commercial finance industry. Our mission is to set the world standard for debt management in consumer and commercial finance with an industry best business model.

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Client Testimony: Vehicle Financing division of one of the largest global Car Manufacturers

“CreditNirvana’s Ai Collection Decision Management platform and digital collection follow-up actions have enabled us to bring back the Bucket 1 bounce rate by about 7% within 3 months of deployment and also resulted in substantial faster collection in all other buckets““

Head of Collection Strategy


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