Digital Collection As a Service (DCaaS)

Digital Collection As A Service (DCASS) automatically execute the personalized collection actions including the Digital payment fulfillment. Through multi lingual Ai Conversational continues engaging with the customers , DcaaS enables faster and more collections than traditional collection process

Digital Debt Collection Services

Collection –Workflow Engine

Collection workflow engine provides complete suite of collection management including Collection follow up management, case management, case trail management, payment settlement and reconciliation agency management etc. The engine will keep you updated with real time progress with the MIS and Executive reporting.

CreditNirvana Work Flow

Manual Collection as Service

Though a net work of collection partners, CreditNirvana fulfils the last mile collection services driven by the self learning ML engine and end to end technology driven collection process.

CreditNirvana Debt Collection Process

Client Testimonials

“CreditNirvan’s Ai Collection Decision Management platform and Digital collection follow-up actions has enabled us in reducing the Bucket 1 bounce rates by about 7% from within 3 months of on boarding and also seen substantial faster collection in all other buckets”

Head of Collection Strategy
Vehicle Finance division of one of the largest global Car Manufacturers

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