ML Platform Driven Digital First Debt Collection

About Us

We help clients improving their collection management process, leveraging the power of data and digital technologies.

We work closely together with our clients, managing debt collection in evolving business eco-systems and fast-changing economic circumstances, enabling them to fully focus on their core activities.

Our Story

Debt Collection has been inherently faced with many challenges; historically a manually driven process, completely relying on phone calls and crude persuasive human interventions.

Based on conventional belief being that, when accepting a customer, you have addressed the risk-mitigation with respect to that customer's future payments.

However, the reality is that, in most cases, customers payment behavior is dynamic and unless you have a robust data driven system in place to continuously monitor the payment risk of your customers, your risk mitigation process is reactive and will not yield results.

Collection is part of customer management and CreditNirvana has been created to improve collections with best practices of customer management in mind.

The genesis of CreditNirvana originated from the leaderships team’ long standing experience in developing and delivering complex analytics and digital solutions to solve problems in the debt collection space.

With this experience and domain expertise we have created CreditNirvana, a highly efficient and effective, proven data science and digital services platform as a service thus completely reinventing the debt collection process.

Right now, we work with more than 3 million customers, handling a $ 3 Billion plus portfolio helping clients to improve collection rates, reduce collection costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Industries We Serve

Whether you are in Consumer Finance, Commercial Finance, Credit Union, Community banks, Credit Cards, Healthcare, Utilities, or Telco, CreditNirvana has tailor made ML driven debt collection platform solutions & services to help you!